Educational Development

Military culture can be daunting for those who never served. As the post-9/11 generation of Service Members transitions out of the military, they are increasingly occupying civilian spaces within higher education and the workforce. This population has key characteristics that can fuel and energize your educational environments and workplaces. Unfortunately, however, too many leaders within organizations lack the tools and resources to provide an inclusive and empowering space for Veterans and military-family members. VetREC is here to help through providing data-driven, timely, and culturally informed educational development consultation services.

Consultation Services Include:
  • Academic curriculum development (short courses, credit-bearing academic courses)
  • Military and Veteran culture training materials (visual presentations, talks, workbooks, and informational guides) for staff and employees
  • Informational materials for research topics related to Military/Veteran communities

Program Development

One size does not fit all for Veterans. Institutions of higher education and civilian employers are facing challenges to meet the needs of the post-9/11 generation of military Service Members, Veterans, and their families. In order to design programs tailored to this community, some key things are needed: insight into Veteran identity and military culture, knowledge of Veteran issues and challenges, and insight into research on best practices serving this community. As a Veteran, Veterans Studies scholar, and advocate for Veteran communities, Dr. Hunniecutt can work with you to conceptualize, create, and implement program development in your organization.

Consultation Services Include:
  • Needs assessment for your organization
  • Design of a customized blueprint for programs and services related to your needs
  • Evaluation and analysis of current programming and services
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