Project Description

In 2022, VetREC teamed up with Service to School (S2S) to showcase the incredible growth and transformation of their VetLink program. Our mission was to capture and communicate the powerful story of how VetLink is making a difference for student Veterans and higher education institutions nationwide.

By engaging with various stakeholders, VetREC collected new data and organized existing information to illustrate the positive changes VetLink is driving. This collaboration has highlighted the remarkable progress and transformation in the lives of student Veterans.

Through our ongoing yearly partnership, VetREC continues to support S2S by ensuring they have robust research systems and procedures. This allows S2S to consistently assess and report on the growth and impact of their work, ensuring continuous improvement and success. The deliverable each year? A Community Impact Report.

Together, we are committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of Veterans and the educational institutions that support them.