Research is needed in an abundance of areas related to Veteran experiences. Veterans are shaped by selfless service, and they trust other Veterans. Veterans are motivated to participate in research when they believe it will help other Veterans. They are also more likely to engage when it’s a Veteran recruiting them.

Though Veterans gain so much through their military service, they face hard odds out of service. Research is needed in many areas related to Veteran experiences, including (but not limited to): transitions and identity, psychosocial challenges, service navigation, trauma and healing (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma), suicide, moral injury, Tinnitus, chronic pain, cancer, toxic exposure, substance use disorders, homelessness, amputations, disability, stress management, and career transitions.

As a researcher outside of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs systems, you likely struggle to find Veterans to recruit and engage in research studies with you. You are not alone; this is a hard population to reach. Cultural-specific nuances and competition to this relatively small community exacerbate recruitment challenges. Through extensive reach into Veteran communities, VetREC is here to solve those problems.

VetREC offers the following research services:
  • Consult on idea (population relevance/sensitivity, feasibility, data needs/design/considerations with community)
  • Identify potential project partner(s) & facilitate introductory meeting
  • Help coordinate letters of support/statements of relevance for grants
  • Consult on study participant engagement plan (subject recruitment)
  • Consult on study recruitment materials
  • Consult on study findings/analysis
  • Support distribution of study results to community members

For research activity beyond what is listed above, subcontracts for Co-Investigation may be available (through Dr. Hunniecutt’s affiliation with the Ronin Institute). Co-Investigation activities include:

  • Liaison relationship(s) with project partners (guide communication and meetings) through the project lifespan
  • Contribute to study design and methodological approach
  • Design and edit study recruitment materials
  • Contribute to IRB protocol
  • Facilitate administration of study recruitment
  • Contribute to writing, analyzing, presenting and publishing study results
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How Research Consulting Contracts Work:

For grant projects/LOIs that are a fit with the VetREC mission and ethos and align with Dr. Hunniecutt’s area of expertise, VetREC will contribute to pre-grant work for a flat fee, dependent on the nature of the work (schedule your free initial consultation to discuss this). VetREC will only administer research consultation services for participatory, community-engaged projects that align with the VetREC mission.