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Why VetREC?

Less than half of all U.S. Military Veterans seek services with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Instead, Veterans are increasingly seeking services and support in their communities.

Veteran Service Organizations Need to Measure Impact

Veteran-serving community organizations are stepping up to meet the unique needs of Veterans and their families through providing invaluable services and programs. With a primary focus on service delivery, however, most Veteran Service Organizations lack capacity or infrastructure to measure, evaluate, and report on the impact of their offerings (especially to grant makers). Partnerships with Veteran studies researchers will help with: designing and implementing program evaluation, analyzing and publishing data (often in peer-reviewed scientific journals), and informing future program development based on data-driven outcomes.

Veteran Studies Researchers Need Community Engagement

Research with Veterans is needed in a plethora of areas. Yet, Veteran communities have unique needs when it comes to research engagement, and they can be skeptical of cultural outsiders. Most Veteran studies researchers who are not formally affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs struggle to access and engage Veterans and their family members for research studies. Veterans are most likely to participate in research when: 1) they are recruited by another Veteran and 2) they believe it will benefit the Veteran community. Partnerships with community-based Veteran Service Organizations can help researchers access, recruit, and translate research with Veterans into direct impact.

VetREC (Veteran Research and Education Curation) brings together Veteran advocates and leaders with Veteran studies researchers ready to learn, partner, and collaborate so we can do research and deliver programs that impact Veteran communities.

What is VetREC?

VetREC is a small, Veteran-owned business with a mission of merging Veteran research + practice. VetREC curates partnerships for community-engaged Veteran research and program development through consulting services and membership into the VetREC Community. The VetREC Community is a virtual, member-only networking platform that brings together stakeholders in the Veteran Service Organization and Veteran research spaces to learn together, develop partnerships, and ignite collaborations.

     Being part of the VetREC Community will help you:

  • Write stronger, more competitive grant proposals.
  • Collect, translate, and disseminate data with Veterans.
  • Turn data into action and impact with Veterans and their families.
  • Align your work with the true needs of the Veteran community.
  • Design research and program/service projects with rather than on or for the Veteran community.
Glimpse into the VetREC Community:

Community change happens through partnership. The VetREC Community is where you find, form, and sustain partnerships to help you impact Veteran communities.

What you get in the VetREC Community:

  • A curated platform to meet like-minded colleagues, brainstorm new research and program ideas, partner and write competitive grant proposals, and make community impact through your collaborative work.
  • Ongoing opportunities to engage in (and organize your own!) virtual, guided workshops, panels, and think tank meetings tailored to topics you’re passionate about and want to expand your impact in.
  • Join groups (think subcommittees, but way more fun), or form your own, so you can find and partner with Veteran advocates/leaders and researchers with the same passions and goals as you.
  • Highlight your skills and experience on your profile, create and share posts in a social feed, set up questions and polls to get community input, and send direct + group messages to quickly connect and form collaborations.
  • Share your announcements about new offerings and novel opportunities for research engagement and count on your VetREC Community to help you spread your message through the national Veteran ecosystem.
  • Every Monday, get a curated list of Veteran-focused funding announcements for research and program development, delivered straight to your VetREC Community feed.
  • Weekly educational content (articles, videos, and step-by-step guides) covering best practices for partnership development, current needs in Veteran communities, and strategic insights into the Veteran-focused funding landscape.
  • Search capabilities to locate other members who live near you to organize in-person gathers for program delivery, research recruitment, or social meet ups.
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Who should join?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the logistics and costs?2022-11-23T15:42:54+00:00

The VetREC Community is membership based. There is only one membership option available for the time being. This makes joining simple and offers the same benefits to both Veteran advocates/leaders and Veteran studies researchers. The membership fee is $39.99/month or $287.93/year (a 40% discount for an annual subscription). You get a free trial of one month when you join so you can explore the community before committing to a paid membership. You can cancel your membership at anytime through logging into your account.

Where does the membership fee go?2022-11-21T19:02:26+00:00

VetREC is a Public Benefit LLC. This means the business structure is set up as an LLC, but the mission of the business is focused on public benefit. Your membership fee supports the financial operations of VetREC. You can categorize it as membership dues for a professional network.

I am a Veteran but don’t work for a VSO. Can I still join VetREC?2022-11-18T17:44:53+00:00

Anyone who is interested in and passionate about community-engaged Veteran research and program development can and should join VetREC. Veteran advocates and leaders who are working in community organizations benefit from membership through getting access to a network of researchers they can partner with to help measure, assess, and report their program outcomes. Veterans who do not lead or work with VSOs, but are interested in helping to lead research initiatives are encouraged to join too. Joining could open up opportunities for you to serve as (paid!) Consultants in the form of Project Ambassadors and/or Advocates on research studies that need someone with lived experience (i.e., living with combat-related PTSD, being a survivor of MST, having TBI, etc.) to help guide the project. If you want to share your voice, want to continue your service through impacting Veteran communities, and are passionate about translating research into practice, the VetREC Community is for you. If the community isn’t a good fit right now, you can still join the VetREC mailing list to get information about opportunities to engage in (paid) research projects focused on Veteran issues.

What is my return on investment for joining the VetREC Community?2022-11-18T17:09:43+00:00

Everyone is going to define this differently. However, this I can promise: If you actively participate in building the VetREC Community and culture, you will see the results in your work. This might look like stronger grant proposals (i.e.,  more funding!) because of the partnerships you make through VetREC, a smooth recruitment process for your research study (because of the partnerships you make through VetREC), or novel opportunities to join new projects (again, because of the partnerships– do you see the theme yet!?). More than anything, though, your work will transform to be even more in service to community. Your work will matter more. It will have impact.

How much of a time commitment is required to be part of the VetREC Community?2022-11-18T17:09:21+00:00

That is 100% up to you! But I promise, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. There are no requirements for how much time you spend in the community, but once you join, you will quickly realize how engaging in the community fosters new relationships, sparks new ideas, and leads to new projects that have direct impact with Veterans.

How is the VetREC Community different from other networking platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook groups?2022-11-18T17:08:42+00:00

For starters, the VetREC Community is only for veterans advocates/leaders and Veteran studies researchers. All within one platform, you can create posts, articles, questions/polls, groups, topics, and events. You can directly interact with people like you, doing similar work as you, needing partnerships just like you, all within one cohesive platform. No more weeding through profiles, followers and groups online that aren’t connected to your work or interests. The VetREC Community is an intentional space with the primary purpose of fostering new partnerships and collaborations among members, so we can create direct impact in Veteran communities through our work.

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