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Measuring and Communicating the Impact Service to School’s VetLink Program has on Student Veterans and Universities

In 2022 VetREC partnered with Service to School (S2S) to measure, analyze, and communicate the growth of their VetLink program. VetREC engaged with the various stakeholder groups in VetLink to collect new data, organize existing data, and tell a story of growth, change, and transformation that VetLink is having on student Veterans and institutions of higher education across the country. Through an ongoing yearly partnership, VetREC continues to work alongside S2S to ensure they have the research systems and procedures in place to continuously assess and report on the growth and impact of their work.

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Rising Up: Engaging Women Veterans in Mental Health Research on Military Sexual Trauma

Funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (2020-2022, 2023-2024), the Rising Up Project is an ongoing partnership between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and VetREC.

In our most recent PCORI-funded engagement project, women MST survivors identified more choice and autonomy in healthcare decisions as a primary patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR)/comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) priority. To help MST survivors access preferred treatments for mental health challenges, our current project seeks to identify survivor, practitioner, and researcher priorities for PCOR/CER that (1) inform effective treatment choices, and (2) measure outcomes that matter most to MST survivors.

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Surviving a Battle Buddy’s Suicide: Postvention PCOR with Reserve and National Guard Veterans

Funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (2024), the Echos of Valor project is a partnership between the Ronin Institute, VetREC, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Veterans who served in the Reserve/National Guard (R/NG) face heightened suicide risk but have little access to resources, making them a high-risk, underserved group. There is an urgent need for effective, Veteran-centric postvention services; Veteran voices must be centered in the development and delivery of postvention support. This project virtually convenes R/NG Veteran suicide loss survivors over the course of a year to understand their Patient-Centered Outcomes Research priorities and questions related to postvention needs.

Recruitment for 20 Reserve/National Guard Veterans who have survived the suicide of a battle buddy will open in April 2024. Check back here for the link to apply to engage in this project.

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Supporting the Launch of a Veterans Meditation Retreat with the Life Transition Meditation Center

In 2023 VetREC partnered with the Life Transition Meditation Center (LTMC) to support the launch of a new Veterans Meditation Retreat. VetREC worked with the LTMC to identify and apply for grant funding to support this initiative. Our partnership was successful and led to an award from Overwatch Alliance to help fund the retreat. The retreat will be an annual initiative facilitated by the LTMC. Watch the video from the 2023 Veterans Meditation here.

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Improving the Quality of Life with Rural Veterans

Funded by the Robert R. Mccormick Foundation, this study is a partnership between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and VetREC.

The purpose of this project is to design and validate new scales that can be used by Veteran Service Organizations to best understand the needs of Veterans they serve who live in rural areas. Starting in March 2024, this project is actively recruiting Veterans who live/d in rural areas of the U.S. and providers who serve them to share your experiences through taking a quick survey. We will be broadly disseminating our findings once the project is complete. Engaging with VetREC in research is a way to continue service– we research with, not on, Veterans. Your voice makes a difference. Check back soon for the link to the surveys.

Understanding the Diverse Experiences of Veterans in the Labor Market

VetREC Founder, Dr. Hunniecutt, led the development of a research study (2020) with Veterans then shared findings at a national, virtual, community event. Stemming from a partnership between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s School of Labor and Employment Relations and Jobpath, a nonprofit national service organization for military Veterans, this project explored the diverse work experiences of Veterans in the labor market.

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And this is just the beginning. Community-engaged research is quickly becoming the norm.

And this is just the beginning. Community-engaged research is quickly becoming the norm.

Partner with VetREC to measure your impact, centralize the Veteran voice in program development, and communicate the story of your work.

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