Project Description

The Rising Up Project, funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) from 2020 to 2022 and extended into 2023-2024, represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and VetREC. This community engagement project specifically addressed the patient-centered outcomes research needs of women survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

During our latest PCORI-funded engagement, MST survivors highlighted the importance of having more choices and control over their healthcare decisions. Consequently, we shaped our project based on this feedback. We aimed to empower MST survivors to access the mental health treatments they prefer.

VetREC actively contributed to every aspect of this project. First, we helped write the grant proposal. Additionally, we designed the project and implemented it. Finally, we disseminated the findings. Our involvement ensured that the project consistently focused on the needs and priorities of MST survivors throughout every stage.

More about the Project

Our efforts focused on identifying the priorities of survivors, practitioners, and researchers. Therefore, we aimed to inform effective treatment choices and measure meaningful outcomes.

Informing Effective Treatment Choices

First, we ensured that MST survivors had the information they needed to make the best decisions for their mental health care. This information empowered them to choose treatments that aligned with their personal preferences and needs.

Measuring Meaningful Outcomes

Next, we focused on what truly mattered to MST survivors regarding their recovery and well-being. By putting the voices of MST survivors at the forefront, we aimed to create a healthcare environment that respected and responded to their needs.

Commitment to Better Outcomes

Ultimately, we dedicated ourselves to leading MST survivors to better outcomes and an enhanced quality of life. Thus, we strived to create a healthcare environment where MST survivors felt heard, respected, and empowered.

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