Too often, Veterans and their family members/caregivers are not involved in the design, implementation, and dissemination of research about them or in program development designed to serve them. This antiquated model of creating research/programs for or on a community instead of with the community often results in missed opportunities for actual impact and true community change. No one knows and understands the Veteran experience more than Veterans. Lived experience must inform research for research to affect lived experience. If Veterans aren’t part of the research that informs service and program development, the services and programs will likely not align with actual community needs. VetREC’s motto is research with, not on, Veterans, and the VetREC Community welcomes Veterans and their family members/caregivers to the table. We’ve saved you a seat. Your voice matters, and your insights can help make a difference for your brothers and sisters in arms. Join us.

Joining could open up opportunities for you to serve as (paid!) consultants in the form of Project Ambassadors and/or Advocates on research studies that need someone with lived experience (i.e., living with combat-related PTSD, being a survivor of MST, having TBI, etc.) to help guide the project. If you want to share your voice, want to continue your service through impacting Veteran communities, and are passionate about translating research into practice, the VetREC Community is for you. If the community isn’t a good fit right now, you can still join the VetREC mailing list to get information about opportunities to engage in (paid) research projects focused on Veteran issues.